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National Window Film Day – $1,000 Giveaway!

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TO ENTER THE DRAWING: Leave a message BELOW this blog post in the comment section that includes your name, city/state & the reason you need film! OR you may visit our Facebook page & leave a comment there with the same info. Thanks for visiting our blog & entering the contest… read on to learn more!

As a part of Window Genie’s dedication to communicating the importance of each of our services, we have chosen to participate in celebrating National Window Film Day on April 30th…  and we hope you’ll join us! Announced by The International Window Film Association (IWFA), National Window Film Day is, “a day of public education focusing on a cost-effective solution to reducing energy costs in homes, protecting skin and home decor from the sun’s damaging UV rays and to promote window safety.”

You may have read that we recently partnered with 3M™ – Seeing the potential to quickly and effectively penetrate the residential market by partnering with a well-established home service business such as Window Genie, 3M™ agreed to partner with our franchise system, developing the Envision™ line of window film that includes Clear View, Glare Control, Sun Block and Shade. The film options range from 70%-40% for total solar energy rejection, a quality which stands to save homeowners significantly on their utility bills.

We’re so excited to roll out this new line of film and introduce the benefits to all our loyal customers… so we’re giving away a $1,000 film job to one lucky winner!

Reduce glare & fading with window film

Reduce glare & fading with window film

 CONTEST: To enter, comment in the section BELOW this blog post OR comment on the Window Genie Corporate Office’s Facebook page describing why YOU need window film in your home. Please include your name, your CITY/STATE & a reason why you need window film. You can say things like, “glare on my tv,” or “to lower utility bills.” The deadline is April 28th  so DON’T delay, enter now! A random drawing will determine the winner, and the winner will be announced via YouTube on April 30th, National Window Film Day.

  • To win you must live within a Window Genie territory. To see which communities we service, visit our “locations” page
  • A $1,000 film job is roughly equal to 10 average home’s double hung windows. A full estimate will be provided by your local Genie based on local market prices and type of film used.

So WHY do you need window film? Check out our infographic below that describes the many benefits of window film

Window Film Benefits

Window Film Benefits


  1. Thala Davis

    I need this to lower my energy bills and preserve my art. Hope I win.

    Thank you,
    Thala Davis

  2. Jeanne Carr

    I need window film to reduce the UV light damage to some art work and to also reduce the heat from the sun coming into certain windows.

  3. Chris bauer

    I have the HUGEST 13′ window ever in my great room that gets FULL afternoon sun. It will keep my furniture from fading and my living room from feeling like I just stepped into a sauna!!

  4. Todd Metzmeier

    The Metzmeier’s need window film on our home to reduce the solar heat in our bedrooms and to lower our energy bills.

  5. Julie Martin

    This would be great at the Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce office in our east facing conference room windows. It would help reduce the glare in our evening meetings and keep the room more temperature controlled!

  6. Jacqui Gordon

    I need these 3M window films to combat the heat the sunshine brings through the wall of windows in my great room!

  7. Deric Vaught

    I need window film to lower my utility bills, the back of my house faces the setting west sun and to improve the appearance of my homes exterior. Thanks window genie!

  8. Dale Miller

    I’ve been giving the film some thought, as I will be moving into a home with western sun and many windows. Heat and sun damage is a concern. Saving a cool $1000 is right up my alley.

  9. Sharon Rice

    Sharon Rice
    Marietta, GA
    To lock in the heat in the winter months and help with energy bills

  10. Lori Rice

    Window tinting on the 2nd floor windows of my home would be a blessing to help us balance our A/C distribution. Our a/c cannot adequately cool 1/2 of our upstairs during hot Florida summer months.

  11. Charlotte Talley

    I need Window Genie window film to filter sunrays which fade furniture and paintings. I have an older ranch style home and window film would help lower heating and cooling costs. I love my home and location. Window film would be a great asset to improving the look of my house.

  12. Catherine

    I had the window film added to my living room windows primarily for privacy, but the UV reduction was an added bonus!

  13. Tana Callahan

    I really need window film to lower the energy bills in my home. Our windows are double-pane but 20 years old and they let in too much heat. It makes some of the bedrooms and the stairs uncomfortably warm.

    Tana Callahan
    Castro Valley, CA

  14. Linda F Oakes

    I would love tinted windows in my home as it gets full sun all day and heats up the entire side of the house (dining/living room) – they would help protect my art work, keep my AC from working so hard and most importantly keep my 9 month old twins comfortable during the day while they play.

  15. Christina

    I need the trifecta of benefits desperately. 1) reduce glare caused by having south-facing windows in my living room and family room; 2) prevent fading of my new leather couches that are half in the window’s sun and half out of the window’s sun and 3) reduce my energy consumption. The largest and most windows in my home face south. It gets so hot. Thank you!

  16. Anita Warren-Hampson

    I really need window tinting because I have a tremendous amount of sunlight pouring into my home and, as much as I love the sunlight, it is bleaching my floors, my furniture and carpeting. Ugh! I am desperate to protect the investments I have made on the inside of my home.

  17. Linda F Oakes

    I have full sun coming into my home all day. My AC can’t keep the living room cool – tinted windows would help our reduce some of the heat and glare while also preserving art work. Most importantly it would keep my 9 month old twins comfortable while playing

  18. Kemberly Merritt

    I live in North TX — need I say more? LOL! Window film would definitely help reduce the heat as the sun is setting. If we had window film, perhaps would could enjoy watching the beautiful sunset without having to close the blinds.

  19. Deidra Steng

    My biggest reason is to save energy! A close second is to protect my furniture. Specifically my upholstered furniture. My husband will not let me recover anything as I gravitate to the most expensive fabric – SIGH!!! Along with a myriad of other reasons, having a soon-to-be college student is all I need to save every penny I can.

  20. Elizabeth Samamra

    I need the window film to protect my furniture and keep the rooms cooler! Thanks!!

  21. Janice Martorano

    I recently has 3M tinted film applied to my sunroom skylights. The reduction in sun glare is phenomenal. I can’t wait to enjoy my room this summer without sun glare on my TV and the constant sun in my eyes and heat on my head. I should have done this years ago. Heading for retirement, we are trying to reduce our electric bills as much as possible since we can’t afford solar panels. I would love to tint additional west windows and get rid of blinds and shades and protect our fabrics and carpets. What a great product and my Window Genie franchise did a fantastic, reasonably priced job.

  22. Sharon Agin

    I’m having the back of my house done he end of April.m I hope I win so I can do the rest if. NW does.

  23. Sharon Agin

    The back of my house is being done the end of April. I hope I win so I can cover the rest of my windows

  24. Kim Sandberg

    Window tinting is needed in my home to stop the fading of my wood floors and furniture, decrease glare on the television and reduce the heat coming into my home from west facing windows.

    Kim Sandberg
    Oxford, IA

  25. Cynthia Mushier

    Need uv protection in our home to help reduce cooling cost in the summer and reduce fading of carpet and furniture in our home.

  26. Joey Sinreich

    When the North Carolina summer sun decides to burn through our windows, even our air conditioning and an ice tea are not enough to keep us from wilting. 3M films would reduce the heat while letting most of the sun shine in. Wouldn’t that be nice.

  27. Gretchen McLeod

    The glare off the water on the Ogeechee can be harsh. Our electric bills are fairly high. Our old tint is as I said ‘old”. Would be nice to have fresh new tint. Would definitely help in my grandchildren’s room. I know 3M to be an excellent company. Would be nice to win.

  28. Jen Augustyn

    With nearly 20 windows in my great room, I would love to have the film to reduce glare and protect my floors and furniture.

  29. C. Levokove

    Window Genie just cleaned all 21 of the windows in my new patio home. While I love the light that comes through each and every one of them, I am not happy about the lack of privacy that living in a patio home brings. The homes in my development are very, very close to each other. The only true solution I can see is window film. It would allow the light in, offer me the privacy that I crave and cut down on the glare. I’ve had window film before in two homes and know it will solve my problem, but having just purchased this place, my budget is a little strained, so the window film is on my wish list for now.

  30. C. Levokove

    Window Genie just cleaned all 21 of the windows in my new patio home. While I love the light that comes through each and every one of them, I am not happy about the lack of privacy that living in a patio home brings. The homes in my development are very, very close to each other. The only true solution I can see is window film. It would allow the light in, offer me the privacy that I crave and cut down on the glare. I’ve had window film before in two homes and know it will solve my problem, but having just purchased this place, my budget is a little strained, so the window film is on my wish list for now. I live in beautiful Cary, NC

  31. Karen Wilson

    I have used “Window Genie” services and have recommended others to use the services.
    I would to love to win the giveaway tinting to save energy costs, reduce the solar heat and UV Rays in my home, as well as preserve my precious family antiques.
    I have solar tinting on a patio and have first hand knowledge of the energy savings. I want the product throughout my home.

  32. Leslie King

    My elderly mother and I live on a small lake (read former gravel quarry) that has a wonderful view of the lake and a southern exposure. While we love the sunshine, the intense sun has faded family photos and furniture, as well as heats up the living room. In addition, my mother’s room is on the lake side and not only does it get really hot, but folks on the lake can see in her room. In a nutshell, the window film would allow us to enjoy the great views without the increases in cooling costs and improve privacy for my mom, who spends a lot of time in bed. Thanks for this opportunity!

  33. carol springgate

    I would like to have it in my sunroom to reduce the heat in summer and cold in winter and in my living room to reduce glare on tv

  34. Jerri Fatticci

    The Fatticci’s would LOVE this as my office and my youngest daughter’s room get so uncomfortably warm in the NC summers. We also have a new home with transom windows and are worried about fading wood flooring.

    Thank you!

  35. Cathy Brown

    It would be great to have the 3M film applied to windows on the front of our home, where the afternoon sun shines. This would help protect our carpet, hardwood floors and artwork (which my mom painted) from fading. Also this film would block the harmful UV rays, and save on cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. Sounds like a great product!

  36. Diana Cockerill

    I have sun damage to my skin and everyone in our family has light skin. This added protection would be very beneficial to us, along with the cost savings on the utility bills and glare reduction. Also, our home is very close to both of our neighbors, so the added privacy would be a huge plus!

    Simi Valley, California

  37. Casandra Dean

    Oh, my!! I was going to call an automotive place to see if I could get that film on residential windows! Perfect timing! I need less heat coming in my lovely 9ft window spans! The air conditioner cannot keep up, but I hate blocking the views and sunlight with drapes.

  38. Becky Davis

    My black front door has a glass door in front of it. It is like a sauna in between there! Too hot to even to touch the door handle. Filming the transom windows would also help reduce the fading on our brand new floors!

  39. Tammy Bertram

    I bought a fixer upper a year and a half ago. Due to the unforeseen expense of installing a new sewer system. I wont have the money to install new windows for a year or more. My windows let in a lot of cold during the winter and heat during the summer. I am sure the 3M window tinting would help me immensely with my problem while cutting down my utility cost and carbon foot print.

  40. Jean Grant

    We have beautiful picture windows with beautiful views of Boise’s great outdoors. Enjoying these views has come at a cost though. Excessive heat and fading of carpet and hardwood floors. The views are much prettier than the blinds!

  41. Linda Shannon

    Last summer, our electric bills were $400 a month! We need window film to help keep out the sun.

  42. B Francis

    We have a lot of windows, and I don’t feel like there’s much privacy. It would also help protect my furniture and pictures.

  43. Jimi

    I moved lasr yr
    I had tinted film
    It helped with energy bills
    I beive the newer film would help with the energy bills at my new home

  44. Peg Guglielmi

    Since I am a senior I could really use the window tint to save on my utility bill, but it would also help with the glare that I get through some of my windows.

  45. B. Holland

    I need this to reduce the hot summer sun that beams through the front of my house in the afternoon hours. My dogs would greatly appreciate it.

    Beth Holland
    Pooler, GA

  46. Scott Drenning

    I like to lounge around my house naked and I don’t want the neighbors to see me!

  47. B Holland

    I need window film on the front of my house to cut down that hot summer sun. My dogs would greatly appreciate it.

    Pooler, GA

  48. Doris Price

    I need window film to save my stuff from the sizzling saturation of the South Carolina summer sun.

  49. Gina Banach

    Need tinting on my south facing windows to help lower utility costs and keep my flooring from fading. Window Genie You Are the Best

  50. Vaishnavhi Saketharam

    We have cathedral ceilings with a lot of windows that let a lot of sunlight inside – Even though we like sunlight, but we also want to protect our furniture and floors…plus, this would help in reducing our utility bills!

  51. Joe Ondras

    We recently finished installing 10-new Pella windows, (including a large picture window, a bank of double hung windows, plus some full glass doors out to the deck), along one side of our house in our den and kitchen. These new windows were part of a complete renovation of the first level of our house; kitchen, den, dining room, and living room. The new windows, with no grids, allow a great deal of light into these rooms but also allow the sun’s rays onto our new hardwood floors and new furniture. If we win, and this new window film works well, we would purchase it to replace the balance of the 29+ windows we intend to purchase and install later this year.

  52. Robert Lamaster

    We love the two rooms where we’ve had Window Genie film installed already. After seeing the benefits, such as reduced glare and heat rejection, we’d love to have the rest of the house done!

  53. Kathy Morgan

    We have a large transom window on the east side of our house that lets in morning sunlight and a very large transom window on the west side that lets in afternoon sunlight. Winning film for these windows would make those areas of the home cooler and prevent fading of surfaces that the sun hits.

  54. Virginia Sikes

    Have skylights and this would cut down on the heat factor in the summer. Would love to win…On Soc.Sec. and can’t do on my own.

  55. Lora Mercurio

    It would be great to have the 3M film applied to windows on the West side of our home where the afternoon sun shines from noon till sunset. I want to reduce the heat while letting most of the sun shine in; the air conditioner doesn’t keep up. We replaced our first air-conditioning unit with a larger one trying to “fix” the problem BUT it still struggles to cool the house well. I know the 3M window tinting would help me immensely while cutting the utility cost and our carbon foot print.

    While we love the sunlight we don’t feel like there’s much privacy so the added privacy would be a Great BONUS – So Nice!

  56. Michael Simpkins

    I need this to keep a consistent temperature for our dog that hangs out in the great room all season. This will also help stop the fading of my flooring.

  57. Geri Mason

    I have window film on some of my windows and find it to be very effective and would LOVE to have it all over the house. My thermostat is in the living room which faces West and the afternoon sun beats down on the large window causing the thermostat to act violently in the summer. Thanks for considering me.

  58. Shelly Feibel

    Aside from the obvious advantage of reducing the sun’s glare and preserving the furniture: the film absolutely provides total privacy (can’t see in, can see out).The difference that the film makes is outstanding.
    My compliments!

  59. Susan Cawley

    I installed film on almost 200 windows at my business and it is fantastic! Now I want it in my home, mostly to keep my HEAT IN during the winter months! Window Genie has done numerous jobs at my home; washed the windows, cleaned the gutters, washed the exterior, and is now scheduled to clean and seal my decks. Always a through, professional job at very good prices. Thanks Paul!

  60. Eric Lee

    The heat in the summer time cooks the back of our house. Also in the winter, we have horrible glare on the TV. So bad that we end up closing the curtains to keep light out. We would like to tint the windows to reduce glare and help make the home more bright and inviting.

  61. Beth Osborne

    I need window film to reduce UV damage to our home and personal belongings and to lower our energy bills.

  62. Laura Walker

    My daughter has life-threatening allergies, which means our windows must be closed all year round – making our heating and cooling expenses extremely high. A Window Genie customer, I am excited to learn about this new offering and will definitely purchase. Because my home has over 35 windows, winning the $1,000 would enable me to add the window film sooner rather than later.

  63. Diane Watson

    Sun is too hot
    Neighbors are not!
    Energy bills are too high,
    No need to wonder why.
    Need Genie Film to save..
    Me from living in a cave!

  64. Martin Norland

    I need this to help keep my high ceiling home (with an AC unit based on square footage not cubic feet) cooler in the summertime!

  65. Christine Forgo

    Need to protect against UV damage and glare. Had eyebrow windows done last year. Big difference, no more glare but need to do the lower windows to make it perfect. Window Genie was great!

  66. sam smith (female)

    We had window Genie do a film covering at our last residence and I can testify how great it is. We sure could use itt in this house to save the flooring which darkens with sunlight. I also hve a beautiful painting in the foyer which gets hit with direct sunlight-help me save it!

  67. Raymond E Moore Sr

    Besides the obvious benefits of having window film. I want to win to help a retired veteran whom I just met and is a new franchisee. His team has already provided several services and I am extremely pleased with their work ethics and professionalism. Winning this contest will not only give me the added benefits but will also provide a platform for others to see the great work that Window Genie and your local team here can perform.

  68. robert gwiazdzinski

    I could really use the film to lower our utilities. Being on a very tight budget every little bit helps

  69. Catherine

    I would love genie film on my windows, being that I had u guys clean my windows and gutters,would definitely love to some money on some bills too

    Toms River, NJ

  70. Debbie Beemsterboer

    Definitely a glare on the TV during the day when were in our TV room watching it. Also the sunlight beats in our house faces the south and it gets terribly hot in that front room. I believe the film on the windows would make a huge difference in our household! We love window Genie I’ve been with them for years! They do an awesome job on cleaning my windows every year!

  71. Debbie Beemsterboer

    Would definitely reduce the sunlight from the TV during the day, we don’t like to go in that family room as much to watch TV because of that reason. Also would keep out the heat during the summertime in that front room as well. We’ve been using window Genie for years they do an awesome job cleaning our windows !!!

  72. John Cavalenes

    with a wall of windows 2 stories high in the family room, you can feel the energy going and coming if the blinds are open… sure would be nice to enjoy the view more energy efficently!

  73. Alison Pope

    Our front windows face southeast and cause the house to heat up too much in both the summer and winter. It also causes our hardwood floor to fade and our artwork.

  74. Tammy Latterell

    It would greatly reduce energy costs, reduce glare on our tv and preserve our wall art and furniture!

  75. Debbie Gray

    We have many windows in our home so the window tinting would help lower our energy bills & help with the fading on our furniture and hardwood floors.

  76. David and Brenda Young

    David and I have been loyal Window Genie customers since arriving in our area. Brad was extremely pleasant and worked very hard to earn our business. We continue to recommend Window Genie to everyone we know. Blair and I just recently discussed placing film on additional windows. We are more than pleased with the windows that window genie previous tinted. Winning this would greatly offset the cost of already planned tinting.

  77. Deborah Fleischman

    The back of our house faces west. It is almost wall-to-wall windows. I love the light, but it gets so hot when the afternoon/evening sun shines directly into our living room, especially during our hot NC summers. It also affects my office where I run my home business and meet with clients. We recently had a consult with our local Window Genie rep and hope to have some film installed in the next few months.

  78. suzanne lydon

    Please pick me!!! I’m a Window Genie customer with a lot of windows that heat up the house in the summer and fade furniture!! I want to open my blinds!!

  79. Sandy Mayer

    I live in Kansas and our summers are very hot..Our family room has a south west exposure. The sun bakes through our windows and sliding glass door. It gets so hot that I hang the silver sun screens you use for your car over the windows to repel the heat ( I’m sure my neighbors don’t appreciate). The sun is ruining our furniture, creates a great deal of glare and our air conditioning bill is sky high. You can’t even touch the metal door handle it gets that hot. Have considered window film many times, but it is so expensive. There always seems to be something else the money ends up going to. As anyone else would say..It would be nice to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  80. Monica Ricci

    I need Window Genie window film because I often shoot YouTube videos in my home and although I really like natural sunlight, it can create harsh shadows and hot spots on camera!
    ~ Monica Ricci, Alpharetta GA

  81. TJ A

    I need window treatments to maintain the level of natural light in my house while simultaneously reducing the heat. My energy bills are skyrocketing and I hope to reduce this and preserve my furniture. Glare removal on the tv would be pretty awesome as well!

  82. Carole Dietterle

    I would love to have this on my windows. It would save on energy costs and will help with my blinds not to fade due to the sun! What a great promotion! I had Window Genie clean my windows, screens and gutters. Great service at a great price!

  83. Jenn Roberts

    Would love this for our home. When the sunset sets in the summer months the temperature in our home easily rises 3-5 degrees. We would benefit greatly from these window films in miltiple ways.

  84. Anne Plescho

    I would like to have this so that I don’t have to obscure my view with drapes. Living on the water, I hate to have to close curtains in order to get thru the day. And I love Window Genie… My windows always sparkle when they leave.

  85. Amy Lanier

    3M Window Film would be the perfect 21st Century update to our 1938 Colonial Revival home! We could reduce energy costs in the summer, protect our belongings from UV rays and keep the beauty of our home’s architecture in tact.

  86. Suzy McBrayer

    The back of our home is East facing and the morning sunlight coming through the transom windows has faded our furniture and hardwood. We need 3M Envision to protect our investment and lower energy bills!

  87. Angela Minneweather Ryan

    I need my windows tinted in my home to block the uv rays and to prevent fading of my furniture and Brazilian wooden floors

  88. Lynne Hedgepeth

    I have utilized Window Genie to clean my windows and gutters before and you recommended I get the Window Film on my palladium window because of the amount of sunlight entering the home ruining my furniture, floors and pictures, not to mention the energy savings and privacy. I do not like blinds and curtains so having the window film would be awesome especially for the window in my master bath also. You all have always done a great job, even replaced a garage window with no hassle after it was mistakenly broken in the process of cleaning. So I trust that you would do a great job with window filming!

  89. Priya

    I have been looking to tint my windows for a while now because I have a beautiful view but can’t open the blinds in summers as it becomes very hot so I want to enjoy my view as well as keep the temperatures down in my living room

  90. Priya

    I want to enjoy the view from my living rooms by tintng the windows so that it dosent remain so bright in the summers

  91. Paige

    I would love to reduce the heat in our foyer, preserve the color of our wood floors, and lower air conditioning bills!

  92. Kelly Mai

    I could most certainly use this cool $1000 prize for my large picture windows! The last thing I want to do is to cover my windows with blinds or shutters and close off the beautiful view of the outside. With the extreme temperature changes here in Idaho, the film would certainly make things more controlled, as would the sun fading on my hardwood and furniture. The quality of the 3M film and the workmanship of Window Genie are like none other!!! Hope to see you at my home soon!!!

  93. Jennifer Matoske

    I love the opaque window film that Window Genie put in my garage! It provides security & privacy. Now I want to get transparent window film in my living room so the glaring sun doesn’t blind my guests when they visit and sit on the sofa.

  94. Kelly Mai

    I would love to enjoy the view out of my large picture windows without blinds or shutters, without the glare on my flat screen and the extreme hot/cold temps from outside!

  95. Jeny Marshall

    What an awesome give away! I would love window film on the south side windows of my home in Meridian, ID. The sunlight floods into my living room, dining room and kitchen. I am a 36 year old mom of two kiddos. These are the most active rooms in our home and I spend most of my days in these three rooms. I have recently been diagnosed with early onset Macular Degeneration. I am doing everything I can to slow its progression as I do not want to loss my eye sight at such a young age. The glare of natural light is so tough on my eyes. Installing window film will become a must for us sooner rather than later.

  96. Jeny Marshall

    What a great give away! I would be blessed to win window film for health reasons. I am a 36 year old stay-at-home-mom who has recently been diagnosed with early onset Macular Degeneration (an eye condition that usually effects geriatric patients in their 70’s.) Harsh light to my eyes is becoming increasingly detrimental to my vision. Somedays I resort to wearing my sunglasses in my house to combat the light. Added UV protection to our south facing windows on our home in Meridian, ID would be an incredible gift to help slow the progression of my MD condition. Crossing my fingers and toes!

  97. Chuck Pitts

    The windows that go from the floor to the ceiling in our two story living room give us a beautiful view of our wooded backyard but also let in the full afternoon sun causing light to fade our furniture and cast glare on the TV but also raises our cooling bill. We don’t want to close them off with blinds to solve one issue but not others so I think a good film will fix multiple issues and still let us keep our view. Congrats to Window Genie and the partnership with 3M. It seems like a perfect match.

  98. Nate Taylor

    Boise,ID – I want to keep my view but block out the heat. No need for expensive window coverings in my new house.. I just need some window film.

  99. Beverly Stewart

    I need window tinting to protect my furniture and artwork, to reduce the glare on the tv, and to lower power bills. Thank you!

  100. Anna Lopez

    I need film on windows so I do not have glare on my tv n to keep my home from getting to much sun or to much heat or cold, it might help for the sun not to bleach my towels on my bath rack, like it has happened if they are not white, so I hope that I might win. Thank you for the opportunity.

  101. Karen Bates

    I’m disabled and live on a fixed income. I need window film in order to save money on my utility bills, especially because I have sky lights that let in a lot of light and heat.

  102. Gwen Gardner

    We could seriously use window tinting in our music room to help preserve our piano & instuments. Five windows face south & southeast making that room very warm. It would be great to reduce utility bills too!

  103. Sandy Spooner

    We were planning on getting some estimates for doing this to our house this Spring. I’m so glad Window Genie is now doing this. My old house had UV, light grey on every window and I was amazed when we moved out of it after 10 years that my furniture hadn’t faded at all. I would love to win this prize!

  104. Cindy Hawk

    I need my entire back side of my house done because the afternoon sun hits directly on it and this will help our electric bill. We have a great view out of our windows of the lake and we have to hide the view due to heat. Blinds hide the view were tint keeps the view .

  105. Elaine Winter

    We have full sun exposure east and west. We need the window film because we want to save in the energy bill will maintaining the beautiful natural light.

  106. Rhonda Caleca

    Window Geenie just pressure washed my home and did a great job. I discussed having a few windows tinted as well. We have two that are very high up in our great room which we did not want to cover with blinds, as we can see the treetops and the moon when visible. I know 3m is a great product and would like to have it installed on these to keep the hot summer sun from fading carpet and furniture and mak my ac more energy efficient…

  107. Lori Schlegel

    The tinting we had done in the living room really improved the glare and made the room more comfortable. We have a gazillion windows in our house and would love to have tinting on those to eliminate the same problems!

  108. Bruni Collins

    Love the look of 3M films. Would love to have installed on all my west facing windows.

  109. Jerry Masi

    Jerry Masi
    Flower Mound, TX

    We have had Window Genie out to our house in Flower Mound, TX…The guys were very professional and very clean. We had our windows cleaned by them and as an after thought, we had one side of our home windows tinted. We Love Them! Now we want to have the remainder of our home tinted!

    Our home is in the suburbs but on a dead end with all trees behind us so we do not like having window shades. Having privacy windows has allowed us to throw out the shades and now our living area is at one with nature!

    When we do the front of the house we will have more privacy from our ever barbecuing neighbors.

    If you are considering window tinting or just window cleaning…Call these guys…Ours were very good and reasonable.


  110. Sharon

    My two main concerns are boosting my privacy and conserving energy usage. I like that it reduces glare also!

  111. Denise Ellis

    As a past Window Genie customer and a 3M fan. Two great companies! My home would benefit window tinting for many reasons: My home located in the South is situated with a southern exposure, which means I have the afternoon and evening sun scorching through my windows, heating my home, increasing my cooling bills, and fading my home furnishings. Window tinting would allow the sun in with out the damage and increased electric use. As a retired widow I can always use help protecting what I own. Thanks you

  112. Angela

    I am in desperate need of window film to protect my wood stair case, and for energy conservation!

  113. Tom Draper

    My family room gets too hot early in the day. I usually wait until late in the afternoon to open the verticles. By reducing the sunlight with window tinting, I could keep the verticles opened all day.

  114. Laura Akin

    To help cut down on my electric bill in the summer and also help us see our TV in family room. There are to many things to list and be grateful for.

  115. Jim Walsh

    Our good friends had there windows done last year and loved the results.
    We have the same problem with two of our rooms heat and cold transfer and
    faded fabric I am a U.S.M.C Vet as well a 74 year senior sure would be nice
    to win such a gift Thanking you for your consideration Jim
    Franchise close by is Gary Eenigenburg We live in St John In

  116. Lauri Maurico

    A tree recently fell on my house, and it took 7 months to rebuild. It was fun living somewhere else for awhile. But now that we’re home again we have a new reality. The very large tree that fell shaded the west side of my house. I now have new furniture and new hardwood floors that are exposed to strong sunlight streaming through my old single-pane windows, so there is even more heat gain/loss than before! I do love the sunlight streaming in, and don’t like closing curtains! I would LOVE window film to help my utility costs and protect my belongings, while allowing me to enjoy the sunlight and wildlife outside my windows! Hope we win!

    Thanks Window Genie!
    Lauri Maurico
    Woodstock GA

  117. Melinda G

    My husband has had our air on since March. We spend SO much money keeping the house at a temp he likes, any chance to save some would be great.

  118. Melinda G

    My husband has had our air on since March. We spend SO much money keeping the house a temp he likes. Any chance to save some money, I am in for.

  119. Christine Schimpf

    I love Window Genie! I had the fortune to hire them to clean my windows and they were fabulous. I deserve the film on my windows because, My house faces east and well, the sun is brutal in the summer. My family room is unbearable in for many months. I have tried many solutions but I know that the window film will reduce the amount of heat in my room and lower my bills. Thank you for excellent service

  120. Karen TeVogt

    My office has floor to ceiling windows, which makes it hot and impossible to see my computer screen. The tinting would lower the temperture, cut cooling bills, privide privacy, protect furniture and improve appearance of my home.

  121. Irene Kobak

    Living in the South we didn’t realized how hot it is. The east side of our home it would be great finally enjoy in the summer.

  122. John File

    I think window tinting my house would be awesome. The idea of lowering utilities while providing extra privacy is nice. I see no reason why anybody wouldn’t want to have less glare when watching Sunday afternoon football. I sure hope I win

  123. Denise Anderson

    Good Day!! I currently live in Clio, Mi but I want to win this for my grandkids in Nauvoo AL. They have no AC in their house-(they just moved and are trying to get back on their feet after a few bad happenings we won’t go into) and I believe this may help them keep a little cooler this year.

  124. Colleen Chase

    Our living room with vaulted ceilings faces west. By afternoon, it’s an oven in there during the summer. It would be great to cut down on some of that additional hest beating up the A/C and light that tortures the furniture. In the winter, we have to close drapes and lose out on some of that solar heat in order to watch TV due to the dumb layout of the room. I’m cheap. I want less AC in the summer and free sun heat in the winter.

  125. Marilou G

    I would love window film to reduce the glare at my kitchen table during dinner. One of us always has to sit with the sun glare in our face.

  126. Harold and Mary White

    We need something to reduce fading of the upholstery on furniture on a glass enclosed lanai. Also, we need to reduce energy costs. Hopefully, this product will reduce the heat on the lanai, also.

  127. Michelle Donovan

    I have a 4 season room, with lots of windows. This is where I spend most of my time. I have blinds on the windows to cut down on the intense afternoon sun & heat, but more is needed. I would love to win this. I got a quote to have the windows done with this, but couldn’t afford it. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  128. Neal White

    My wife is ONLY complains about the heat steaming through the windows in her “Woman Cave” daily between Mother’s Day and Labor Day! She is even threatening to take over the “Man Cave”! We have been Happily Married …most of the time….for almost 24 years! Your help in “Cooling her Woman Cave” would be the Best Anniversary Gift in the World! I believe I WE would Both really enjoy Anniversary #24 this August! When She’s HAPPY!!….I’m HAPPY!!
    GENIE…..PLEASE GRANT ME this ONE WISH!! See Dear, I do remember 😉

  129. Elizabeth Cannarozzi

    My condo is very bright, hot and glary towards the late afternoon. I’m concerned about the fading of my furniture and fabrics. I had film installed in my previous condo by Window Genie.

  130. Julie Brickell

    I entering in hopes that I can win for my mom. She needs the windows in her dining room /living room done to help with her air conditioning costs. She lives in LA Verne, CA. I live in Fullerton, CA

  131. Jonathan Kennedy

    Here in Lithonia,Ga during summer months is can be brutal! We need to cut done one out utility bills badly! There are a ton of windows especially the southern exposure windows keep the house hot and the A/C running continuesely…help we need HELP!

  132. Maureen B

    Our living room is vaulted with floor to ceiling windows on one wall – love it but it gets so hot sometimes, film would really cut energy costs!

  133. cheryl L

    We thought about having this done on basement windows so no one could see in and we could still see out. I am sure this would look nicer than the black felt that we previously had at the windows.

  134. Barb S.

    Our 2nd floor condo in SW Florida has a western exposure from 2:00p.m.till dusk,in the summer our home a/c runs non-stop. Hoping to lower our electric bill with 3M Clear View window tint! Thanks for the opportunity.

  135. Susan Conklin

    We recently purchased another home and some of the windows had to be replaced. Now they do not match up with the older windows which are tinted. We have had tinted windows before and know they help lower glare and keep furniture from fading.

  136. Gene Ruth Poler

    Had 3M film in my last home and moved into a new build 10 days ago and want to continue to have the benefits of your product. We both have health issues and art work to protect. Thanks kindly. Gene

  137. Sarah

    In my living room have five large transom windows over five already-large double hung windows. The sun in the afternoon and evenings makes me furrow my brows so hard that I either need this treatment or will soon need botox. This seems like the much healthier option!

  138. Lisa Mack

    Just got my first house had to do a lot of remodeling and I’m a single full time student. Would love to upgrade and be able to save money so I can finish paying my education. ☺

  139. Howard Bane

    Window Genie does incredible work and the window film I had installed lets in enough light for houseplants but protects furniture from fading. It also helps with energy cost reduction. It is well worth it.

  140. Howard Bane

    The window film lets in enough light for houseplants but protects furniture from fading due to UV Rays. Window Genie does amazing work and I highly recommend them and the window film. The film also helps with energy reduction.

  141. Pat Runkle

    We had the nicest technicians install Window Genie film on all our west-facing windows. Later we installed a new full glass security door. It is so hot the metal door is too hot to touch in the summer.

    Plus our east-facing “sun” room is too hot to use in the summer months.
    We never realized this would happen when we put windows all around the porch instead of just leaving screening on.

    The 3M film on our west-facing windows cuts down on the heat and glare, plus gives privacy in the daytime. We would love to have that advantage on all our windows. It saves lots of money for these retired-on-a-fixed-income folks!

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