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INITIAL FRANCHISE INFORMATION 1 Let the Power of the Genie Give You a Clear View of Your Future When you look at your reflection in a freshly cleaned window do you see the successful person you wished you could be Youve always worked hard. You excel at relationship building and ensuring that customers satisfaction is of utmost importance. You deserve desire greater security for your family But the fact is you most likely have built a great deal of wealth and value for someone else. Yes you have worked hard but for someone else. Now its your turn. Youre ready for it. Its the right time to do it. No more wishing You have built up the savings and desire and now want to make a change. The question becomes how do you leverage your strengths values work ethic resources and desire Weve Made the Decision Easy Youre full of drive and energy and your lifestyle is active fun enriching and family- oriented. Those are the key elements of the type of business you should own. One that provides you with the freedom to grow expand and even include your family. We invite you to learn more about the Window Genie franchise opportunity. Steve Sarafin owner of Window Genie of NW New Jersey opened his franchise in 1999. 15 years later hes one of our top performers. He said You have to be self-driven and follow the playbook. But when everything falls into place the skys the limit. I still continue to grow every year. I started initially by hiring somebody right from the get-go so there were just two of us. We were running one guy to a truck. Now its two men per vehicle. Right now I have seven vehicles. The sky is really the limit depending on the area youre in and how aggressive you want to get.