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How Are We Different from our Competitors?

From branding to uniforms, & background checks, Window Genie is the industry innovator

An animated genie and purple lightning might be the first things that come to mind when you think of Window Genie. Our purple-wrapped vans make a memorable statement, and they’re one great way that Window Genie distinguishes itself.

Our stand-out branding isn’t all you will notice if you research franchise ownership with us; we’ve crafted a business model that has proven successful for more than 20 years in a variety of markets and economic conditions.

Window Genie started franchising in 1998. Founder and President Rik Nonelle knew from the beginning he wanted to create a national franchise, and he developed systems that were designed to generate revenue and be easy to replicate.

Our brand stands out
Quick, can you recall the name of the last window cleaning company you saw in your market? Chances are, you can’t. Most are small, mom-and-pop businesses driving unmarked vans. They don’t wear uniforms and have a tendency to fade into the crowd.

If you saw a purple-wrapped Window Genie van driving through your neighborhood, though, with our genie and purple lightning in the background, you’d remember it. That’s the idea behind all our services — stand out and make a positive impression on our customers.

We want customers to know they can rely on us to clean their windows, pressure wash their driveways, tint their windows for greater energy efficiency or security — and we also want customers to remember us. We created the genie as a way for our brand to stand out, and the lightning seemed like the most logical thing that would happen when you let that cleaning genie out of the bottle.

Even our purple uniforms are designed to make Window Genie easy to remember. In the cleaning industry, most companies tend toward whites, blues and greens. Purple makes Window Genie stand out. When customers first use our WG-57 Glass Cleaner, a multi-purpose cleaner that we sell, we like to point out to them, “That’s what purple smells like.” We often leave a bottle behind so when they want to clean a mirror or countertop, they think of us. It’s very effective.

A former Disney illustrator drew our genie; it’s no accident that he’s appealing to kids. They notice the vans driving by and point it out to mom. That’s important because 95% of the time, moms are the ones who call us to schedule a job.

Founder and President Rik Nonelle knew, even all those years ago, that it would be important for his company to be distinct. “People either get it or they don’t,” says Rik. “If they don’t get what the Geniemobile symbolizes and why that’s so valuable, well, I don’t think we’ve ever sold a franchise to someone who doesn’t get it.”

We love our customers
Exceed a customer’s expectations and they’ll use you the next time. Every time.

“What sets us apart is our marketing, our branding, the way we approach our customers,” says Ken Fisk, vice president of operations. “We want to do everything to satisfy the customer within reason; we all know they’re not always right, but we have to please them. It doesn’t work for us if we don’t please them. We make sure this is our priority, from training the people our franchisees hire, to the systems we’ve put in place and the way the franchisees execute those.”

We do background checks
When was the last time you heard about a service provider who did background checks on their employees? When our franchise owners hire someone, we make sure they don’t have anything dangerous or violent in their backgrounds, or anything that would make our customers uncomfortable.

We also make sure all service professionals wear photo ID badges, and we email the pictures to our customers so they’ll know whom to expect at their front door. This is almost unheard of in an industry populated largely by single-operator businesses of sometimes-dubious repute. It builds trust and sets us apart.

“People look for a company that is professional,” says Bergen, N.J., franchisee Gil Moskovitz. “We look cleaner, we wear uniforms, our trucks all have logos on them and we do background checks; many companies don’t have that. Our marketing materials are nicer-looking and more professional, and our online marketing is far better than theirs. If I’m an individual owning a small business, I’m doing everything myself. If you join with a corporate office, you have so many hands working together doing something that an individual can never achieve.”

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