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Window Genie franchisees know ‘the sky is really the limit’

Steve Sarafin was managing someone else’s lawn care business when he first heard about Window Genie in the 1990s. He had been researching pressure washing companies for his boss, who wanted to diversify, when he stumbled across Window Genie. The investment was so low and the opportunity so limitless, Steve went into business with his boss. The partnership didn’t last, but Steve’s still going strong 15 years later.

“I still continue to grow every year. I started initially by hiring somebody right from the get-go, so there were just two of us. We were running one guy to a truck,” says Steve. “Now, it’s two men per vehicle. Right now I have seven vehicles. The sky is really the limit, depending on the area you’re in and how aggressive you want to get.”

Window Genie has soared up “Entrepreneur’s” prestigious Top 500 Franchises list in the past few years. After breaking onto the list at No. 499 in 2011, we rocketed up to No. 195 in 2014, putting us among the top 200 brands in the rankings.

Consider this breakdown from Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document:

Franchisee’s Time in OperationNumber of FranchiseesWindow CleaningWindow TintingPressure Washing
0-6 months10$214.20$593.30$246.00
7-12 months9$190.22$631.55$220.11
More than 12 months35$207.54$582.94$281.29
Franchisee’s Time in OperationAverage Gross Wage for Technicians as a Percentage of Total Sales
0-6 months25.70%
7-12 months28.60%
More than 12 months27.20%
FranchiseesNumber of FranchiseesClosing Percentage
0-6 months1074.80%
7-12 months972%
More than 12 months3571.80%
Franchisee’s Time in OperationAverage Billable Rate per hour
Window CleaningWindow TintingPressure Washing
0-6 months$50.00$93.20$65.40
7-12 months$55.50$128.00$86.89
more than 12 months$60.43$126.06$85.71

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