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Franchise Reviews: Find out what Window Genie owners think of the franchise experience

Franchise Testimonials:

Mike & Karen Angle (Southwest Indianapolis)

David Flax (Atlanta, Ga.)

Ernie Williams (Houston, Texas)

“I don’t think there’s any other franchise that offers the same exact bundle of services we offer. I know others offer window cleaning and pressure washing, but we offer much more than that. The organization as a whole is greater than so many other businesses out there. That puts us ahead.”
— Gil Moskovitz, Bergen, N.J.


“I wanted something where I could control my own destiny and apply my skills and be successful. I live in Omaha. Warren Buffet is here, and he never invests in something he doesn’t understand. When I started looking at these franchises, I thought, is it something easy to understand? In the restaurant business, if it snows and people don’t come to Burger King that day, they don’t eat twice the next day to make up for it. I was looking for something where if the weather dampens your business, the demand is built up. It doesn’t go away. I was looking for a business that was renewable, not overly complicated and very successful.
— Dick Stieren, longtime Burger King executive, Omaha, Neb.

“I still continue to grow every year. I started initially by hiring somebody right from the get-go, so there were just two of us. We were running one guy to a truck. Now, it’s two men per vehicle. Right now I have seven vehicles. The sky is really the limit, depending on the area you’re in and how aggressive you want to get. I continue to grow; I’d like to be in the $1.5 million to $2 million in growth sales.”
— Steve Sarafin, Sparta, N.J.

Jason Hatch
“I’m in business for myself, not by myself. I’ve got a lot of close friends in the Window Genie family, and I do consider it a family. If I’m having a down day, I can call them and they’ll say, ‘Here, try this or try this.’ If I’m going to ask someone else in the business, they’re not going to give me full disclosure because I’ll be competition for them.”
— Jason Hatch, Des Moines, Iowa

“The thing we like about a service-type business like this is that the inventory levels are really low. I don’t have to stock up on a whole lot of shirts and ties and shoes or food or whatever to put on my shelves to hope customers come in and buy it. I do have to invest in equipment like vans and pressure washers and so forth, but my inventory is low. That’s just capital goods. What I sell is a service my guys can perform.”
— Rolland Williams, Franklin, Tenn.

dragan-family“I already have 40 customers. I’m already booked for April and parts of May. Those people are already repeat customers. It fits me. In my last job, I had a lot of sales, and I always loved it. I love talking to people. I like to go out and see what personality does that person have and how do I approach this person and that person. Talking to my customers — it’s natural to me.”
— Dragan Malesevic, Jacksonville, Fla., after two months of owning his franchise

mike-boone“I told my techs, and I tell other potential owners the same thing: One strong point is we do a lot of things. One of the weak points is we do a lot of things. Generally, it’s good when you’re starting up a business. It’s a business where you generate cash flow almost immediately, and you’re not out there making cold calls, unlike Fish Window Cleaning. I think that’s a plus. You’re not trying to establish a restaurant or a B2B-type business. Your people seek you out. It’s easier to generate cash flow with a service business, and it’s not a 24-7 business. I work on weekends a lot of times, but I don’t schedule work on weekends. Some guys do, but you have that flexibility.”
— Mike Boone, Raleigh, N.C.

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