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Founder and CEO Rik Nonelle featured in Window Film Magazine

Window Genie CEO dishes about what he’s learned over the years as a successful entrepreneur

Rik Nonelle, Window Genie’s Founder and CEO was recently interviewed by Window Film Magazine.  CLICK HERE and flip to pages 44-46 to enjoy the article.

By the time he was 29 years old, Rik Nonelle knew he wasn’t cut out for your typical 9 to 5 job. Tired of “working for the man,” ready to take control, be his own boss and pave his own path to success, Rik started Window Genie as a small local window cleaning biz in Cincinnati. Window Genie has since grown to service over 165 units in 23 states over the past 20 years. As a guy who’s been through it all from the ground-up, Window Film Magazine asked Rik to answer some of the most common questions asked by budding entrepreneurs today.

Window Film Magazine article

Window Film Magazine article


Window Genie business ownership is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with the willingness to “make it happen.” Rik Nonelle started Window Genie with franchising in mind; he created an opportunity that was easily duplicated with low overhead. Window Genie offers simple services that generate repeat business to enable growth. Having sales, management or even window cleaning experience does not make one franchise owner more successful than another. Window Genie’s proven system, a business model 20 years in the making, has been designed to facilitate growth and success when followed with diligence, confidence and passion.



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