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Patience Pays Off: WG owner Bryan Rhodes on why he chose to wait

Window Genie is a system full of individuals who had the guts to go after their dream of being their own boss – and it’s a story we’ll never get tired of hearing about! As we continue to grow so does our sense of pride in knowing that entrepreneurs from all over the country were able to break out of their comfort zone, take the plunge and find the happiness and fulfillment that comes along with Window Genie business ownership. Something we’ve heard from our franchise partners over and over is, “I wish I’d done it sooner.” So what was holding them back? We all have dreams; something we’d like to accomplish in our professional or personal lives… but sometimes life gets in the way. Below is an article entitled “Patience Pays Off” that we would like to share – it ran in the Nueces County Record Star about Window Genie of Corpus Christi owner, Bryan Rhodes. Bryan was lucky enough to spend over 30 years at a job he truly enjoyed, but always dreamed of owning a business. He wanted to quit making money for others and do something he could call HIS own… but as a father of 6 he always found security in the job he had to be more important than taking risks towards achieving his own dream. He’s proven that it’s never too late and as one of our newest franchise partners, we’re sure glad he finally did it!

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Owner of Window Genie of Corpus Christi

Owner of Window Genie of Corpus Christi

After 34 years in the restaurant business—where workdays averaged 12-14 hours, six days a week, including holidays—Bryan Rhodes’ decision to open a Window Genie franchise at 6437 Legacy Point in Corpus Christi was a long time coming. But, with a precise, strategic, and patient approach he realized his dream of being his own boss that has made the process successful.

“I’ve known for a while that I wanted to work for myself,” says the father of six. “But I had obligations to meet with my family—not moving around a lot, staying in one place, and making sure that free time I had was spent with my kids was the most important thing for me.” But, says Rhodes, as his children began to grow up his dreams of being his own boss began to become achievable. “Once my kids got old enough and left the house, I was ready to stop making money for other people and found that it was time to start working for myself.”

Realizing that successful entrepreneurship is best realized when complimented with training, research and insight into his prospects, Rhodes consulted a franchise coach in January 2014. His experience with a franchise coach, Rhodes says, piqued his interest not only in franchising, but in Window Genie. “After my coaching, it was clear that franchising was for me. But it wasn’t until the summer, when I came upon Window Genie and took part in the company’s discovery process that my mind was made up.”

For those interested in owning their own franchise, Rhodes stresses how his careful, calculated approach—and his decision to choose a franchise which aligned with his personality and career goals—made all the difference. “Business ownership is a big decision that can’t be made quickly,” says Rhodes. “Taking your time and appreciating the value of a franchise’s discovery process will go a long with in ensuring your future success.”

Rhodes’ Tips on How to Go About Selecting the Right Franchise

1. Searching for the right franchise should not be rushed or make you feel pressured.

2. Find a good “Franchise Coach” that can help you navigate the many opportunities out there and put you in touch with the right people.

3. Don’t be afraid to talk to several Franchisors and Franchisees. Make sure that the word spread by the Franchisor is echoed by the Franchisees.

4. Talk to several Franchisees and make sure they feel supported by the brand.

Founded in 1994 by Richard Nonelle, Cincinnati-based Window Genie is a mobile cleaning services company focused primarily on its “big three” services: window cleaning, window tinting and pressure washing. The company also offers, among many other services, dryer vent cleaning, chandelier cleaning and gutter cleaning and re-securing. Window Genie services primarily residential customers, as well as small offices and commercial spaces. The company currently has 65 franchise owners operating 140 units in 28 states, and expects to grow to 100 franchisees by the end of 2015 and over 300 within five years. Target markets include California, New York and Florida. For more information, visit

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